In the oil mill, we classify the fruit according to its origin and state of ripeness, in order to guarantee an integral perfect traceability and a high quality product.


We use only cold extraction in order to maintain the olive oils’ best sensorial and healthy attributes We are aware that this is the costliest method of production, but we also know that it is the only way to always achieve a Premium quality product.


We care highly for hygiene during the whole process. We continuously analyze the physic-chemical and sensorial parameters during the harvest. This help us continuously improve the daily process of making our Extra Virgin.


We take great care of the olive oil once produced in order to keep its excellent sensorial and healthy attributes for as long as possible, by storing it in the ideal conditions.


During this stage, the olive oil should be safe from light and oxygen and stored in tanks that do not pass bad smells, bad taste nor foreign substances.


In our storage room we have only stainless steel tanks, the best adapted to ensure optimum storage of the olive oil by protecting it from exposure to light and oxygen.

Furthermore as in all other the steps, we are very strict with hygiene and cleansing of all tanks and areas surrounding.